How long do Remy hair extensions last? 

Our top quality Remy hair extensions can last months. On average 80-100 strands of hair are lost naturally every day so after 3 or 4 months they should be painlessly removed by your stylist who will apply a special fluid which will break down the bonds to allow the extensions to be removed without damage to your hair. 

Will Hair extensions damage my own hair? 

Because your hair extensions will have been professionally applied using special bonds which are healthy to your hair absolutely no damage will be done to your natural hair. Your stylist will have given you instructions as to how to care for your hair extensions to make sure that both the extensions and your own hair are kept in tip top condition. 

Can hair extensions be applied to any hair? 

Your natural hair length should exceed 3 inches; the hair should be in good condition and not over dyed or brittle. Some medical conditions prevent the application of extensions and your stylist will be fully conversant with these. You will be given detailed advice during your initial consultation. 

What is Remy hair? 

We only use 100% Remy human hair because of its exceptional quality. On Remy hair extensions the cuticles lay the same way stopping matting or tangling. Unlike some cheaper extensions it does not have a coating of silicone which washes off, so these quality extensions will look good throughout their wear. 

How much will my Remy hair extensions cost? 

The cost will be dependent upon the style and number of extensions you need. At the free consultation all options and costs will be fully discussed with you before a decision is made. 

How long will it take to apply the hair extensions? 

Between 3 and 5 hours is normally required depending upon the style chosen. 

How do I look after my hair extensions? 

Besides using quality shampoos and leave in conditioners, there are a few simple tips that can be followed to keep your extensions in good shape. Use a soft bristle brush; be careful when using heated hair straighteners or tongs not to apply them directly onto the bonds; gently gather your hair up into a scrunchy before bed and do not sleep with wet hair. Your personal stylist will advise you on excellent products and care regimes for your new Remy hair extensions.